absorbedores de humedad

Moisture absorber

Moisture absorbers are products capable of extracting water vapor from the air, thus helping to prevent condensation forming on containerized cargo packaged materials.

What is relative humidity?
Relative humidity is the amount of moisture in the air. It is understood as the percentage of humidity—the air’s water content.
The more humid the air, the higher the relative humidity. And the drier the air, the lower it is.

100 % humidity is considered the dew point.

What problems can moisture cause during cargo transport in containers?
The humidity in the containers can cause serious problems in almost all types of products similar to the following, coffee, cocoa, rice, sugar, nuts, flour, soya, tobacco, furniture, preserves, and textiles, among others.

It can cause problems such as peeling labels, mold, corrosion, fungus, lumping, staining, wet boxes at risk of collapse, and serious damage to electronics and electrical materials, and, in the worst-case scenario, the loss of the customer.

What is Silica Gel?

This type of absorber is the most common on the market. It is not the best option for containerized cargo as this type of porous material usually absorbs a very low average humidity of approximately 25-30%, becoming saturated very quickly and placing the integrity of the cargo at risk.

How do our GKD absorbers work?
Our line of moisture-absorbing products works quickly and effectively, just like a sponge. In other words, they absorb water vapor in the air before it condenses, thus helping to prevent damage to the cargo. Our desiccants are manufactured in various sizes, adapting to the needs of each client and situation.

How many units do you need for your containerized cargo?
Quantities vary depending on several factors such as transit time, container size, packaging materials and the moisture content of the cargo itself.

How many units do you need for packed materials?
The size of the most suitable absorber is calculated depending on the type of material to be protected. The best solution depends on the following factors: Type of product to be protected, materials used for its packaging and transit time.
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